Driftwood Bench #2 on the FRP

to the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve

May your visit be an enjoyable one!


As a visitor to the Ranch, you agree to adhere to the following Allowable and Prohibited Uses per the Public Access & Resource Management Plan:

Allowable Uses

Some uses are regulated and require a permit from the Ranch Manager - such as equestrian, public gatherings, and special studies. Email cmendoza@cambriacsd.org or call 805-927-6220 for more information. FFRP does not handle the permitting process.
  • Hiking

Pedestrians are to remain on designated trails. Some areas are too sensitive for public access and require protection. All users shall observe proper trail etiquette.

  • Bicycling

Bicycle riding is allowed on trails that are marked for bicycle access. Bikes will share trails with pedestrians on these trails. There are no bicycle-only trails. All users shall observe proper trail etiquette.

  • Dogs on Leash

Dogs must be leashed, per County ordinance, and under the owner’s complete control at all times.

Prohibited Uses

This list includes all those uses normally prohibited by law in public places.
  • Fire
  • Smoking
  • Littering
  • Camping
  • Firearms, weapons, or animal traps
  • Pedestrian or animal access into sensitive habitat areas
  • Remote-controlled model vehicles (airplanes, drones, gliders, etc.)
  • Motorized Vehicles (ATV, etc.)
  • Swimming in Santa Rosa Creek
  • Amplified sound
  • Paragliding or hang-gliding
  • Planting, cultivating, or harvesting by any member of the public
  • Paint ball or other combat games played in groups
  • Placement of signs of any kind
  • Solicitation


Should an emergency arise while visiting the Ranch, please dial 911. If cell reception isn't available, go to the nearest home to request the use of their phone.


Call 805-927-6220 to reach the Ranch Manager at CCSD. You may also email FFRP or call 805-927-2856.

FRP Windsor North Entrance FRP Windsor South Entrance FRP Santa Rosa Creek Entrance FRP East Ranch Entrance

FRP East Ranch Hwy 1 Entrance

Bench and entrance photos by Walt Andrus

Visiting the Ranch

Where We Are & How to Get Here

The Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is located along scenic Highway 1's southern Big Sur coastline in the village of Cambria. We are 200 miles north of Los Angeles, 200 miles south of San Francisco, and 140 miles west of Fresno and Bakersfield. The Ranch features eight entrances to trails that meander through 437 acres of protected forest, riparian habitat, and grasslands. Two of the trails are ADA accessible. Click on the links below for local maps and lists.

Cambria Map Ranch Public Access Trails Map Birds List

FFRP SignOur office is located at 604 Main Street (next to Sandy's Deli), and our somewhat regular open to the public hours are Thursdays and Fridays 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, and Saturdays from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Or call us to make an appointment. 805-927-2856.

Here you will find a helpful docent that can provide information on the Ranch. You can also shop for shirts, hats, aprons, cookbooks and cards, plus join or donate to FFRP.

Visit our Calendar page to see when FFRP Events, Docent Led Ranch Walks, and Volunteer Opportunities are scheduled.

When you are visiting Cambria, look for our sign in the West Village and stop on by; we'd enjoy meeting you!

Dogs Must Be Leashed on the Ranch

With increased visitors on the Ranch, there have been more incidents with dogs. Therefore, for your and your pet's safety and to protect wildlife on the Ranch, the Ranch Manager has rescinded the former off-leash policy.

Fire Danger on the Ranch

All of California is experiencing extreme drought conditions, which lead to extreme fire conditions. Cambria and the Ranch, with its rich Monterey pine forest, is no exception. We need you to be fire-safe while visiting the Ranch. Please NO Smoking or Fires of any kind. Thank you for doing your part to protect the Ranch and our village of Cambria from an unwanted forest fire.

Please Stay on Designated Trails

Since becoming open public space, the Ranch is experiencing many more cross-trails which are detrimental to the health and well-being of the fragile cliff edges and protected grasslands.

For your safety, please stay back from cliff edges as these consist of sandy loam soils and the edge can easily collapse.

Biking is allowed on the Marine Terrace Trail, Ridge Trail, Forest Loop Trail, Victoria Lane, Creek to Forest Trail, Santa Rosa Creek Trails, Creek to Ridge Trail, Wallbridge Trail and Terrace to Ridge Trail.

Thank you for remaining on designated trails as indicated on our Public Access Trails Map.

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Access Trails

Below are two Google Earth satellite images showing the difference in cross-trails on the grasslands from 2005 to 2013.

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve 2005 Satellite Image


Fiscalini Ranch Preserve 2013 Satellite Image