Recommended Links

California State Coastal Conservancy
The California State Coastal Conservancy is an independent state agency that works through non-regulatory means to protect, restore, and enhance coastal resources, including wetlands.

Cambria Community Services District
The CCSD provides the services of water, wastewater, waste disposal, fire, rescue and emergency medical, street lighting, parks, transit, and Cambria Veteran's Memorial Building administration. CCSD manages the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve.

Cambria Forest Committee
The Forest Committee’s mission is to conserve the native Monterey Pine forested land in the Cambria area of San Luis Obispo County, California, for scientific, historic, educational, recreational, agricultural, scenic or open-space opportunities.

Greenspace works to protect the NorthCoast area of San Luis Obispo County and to enhance its ecological systems, cultural resources and marine habitats through land acquisition and management, public education and advocacy.

Cambria Ranch Walks
Giving detailed info on upcoming docent walks, bird lists on the Ranch, bluff trail photos and more.

Cambria Chamber of Commerce
767 Main Street (West Village), Cambria, CA 93428 Ph. 805-927-3624.

Cambria Historical Society
The Cambria Historical Society promotes an appreciation for the colorful history of Cambria and the surrounding area among residents and visitors.

An egret flying over the Ranch

A rainbow seen from the Ranch

Photos by Brad Seek